Anaerobic Treatment Lagoons Upgradeable to Digesters*

USDA NRCS Conservation Practice Standard No. 359   PDF Logo

The Natural Resources Conservation Service provides details on the current standard for  "Waste Treatment Lagoon" to biologically treat waste, such as manure and wastewater, and thereby reduce pollution potential.  Many factors should be considered when trying to comply with this Standard and Federal, State and local laws including:

Ideally placed to minimize the potential for contamination.

Soils & Foundation: The lagoon shall be located in soils with an acceptable permeability that meets all applicable regulations, or the lagoon shall be lined.

Required Volume Capacity: The lagoon shall have the capability of storing: accumulated sludge, minimum treatment volume for anaerobic lagoons,  approximately 60 days volume of manure and wastewater accounting for precipitation, evaporation and 25-year 24-hour storms.

Treatment Period: The detention time between drawdown events shall be at least 60 days or longer.

Waste Loading: The daily waste loading shall be based on the maximum daily loading considering all waste sources that will be treated by the lagoon.  Local information or laboratory test data should be used if available.

Loading Rate: Anaerobic lagoons shall be designed to have a minimum treatment volume based on Volatile Solids(VS) per unit of volume.

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NEW  Anaerobic Treatment Lagoon with Guaranteed Upgradeability

Valley Air Solutions now offers new dairies an anaerobic treatment lagoon that will satisfy NRCS Practice Standard No. 359 and Air District regulators that helps you obtain your Authority to Construct (ATC) permit.  Reduce the uncertainty and potential disruption to your new dairy. 

Our team of professionals will provide your dairy with a complete set of plans for your anaerobic treatment lagoon ready for bidding.  Once construction commences our professionals will ensure the workmanship meets our requirements and at the completion of construction, Valley Air Solutions will provide you a guarantee that your  new anaerobic treatment lagoon can be upgraded to an anaerobic digester with biogas recovery and renewable electricity generator.

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*Restrictions, limitations and eligibility requirements apply.  Offer may be withdrawn at any time.  Call for details and other terms and conditions.