Biogas Meter & Greenhouse Gas Meter Plus: Biogas FT2+

The Biogas FT2+  gas meter provides an extremely accurate instantaneous flow rate and totalized flow for Biogas, Methane, Carbon Dioxide, Greenhouse Gas (GHG), Natural Gas and other gas mixtures.

Advanced solid state electronic technology provides accurate measurement for Greenhouse Gas, Biogas and Methane for maximum Greenhouse Gas Credits and transactions. 

  Ideal Biogas meter or Greenhouse Gas meter.

Accurate Biogas & GHG Gas Measurement = Money!

The model FT2+ thermal mass flowmeter and temperature transmitter measures two important process variables in one rugged instrument with no moving parts.  The FT2+ measures gas flow rate in standard units (SCFM, NM3/Hr, etc) without the need for expensive temperature or pressure compensation.  A 2 x 16 character backlit display is standard to view flow rate, totals, elapsed time, process gas temperature and alarms.  The flow totalizer is non-resettable for use with fuel gas flow measurement of boilers, IC engines and other regulated devices.

The FT2+ is available in insertion and in-line models.  The insertion meter is easily installed by drilling a hole in the pipe and welding on a NPT coupling.  A supplied compressing fitting secures the probe in place.  The in-line model is available several sizes and include a built in flow conditioner that eliminates the need for long, straight pipe runs.  The meter can be ordered with flange or NPT end connections.  Both models are supplied with 316 stainless steel wetted materials standard or Hastelloy C-276 as an option.

Biogas FT2+FT2+ Sensor









  • Very Accurate Biogas Meter
  • Very Accurate Greenhouse Gas Meter
  • Measures  gas flow rate in SCFM, NM3/Hr & many more
  • Measures Totalized Flow
  • Totalizer is non-resettable helping with regulatory compliance
  • Measures elapsed time helping with regulatory compliance
  • Measures process Temperature
  • Measures Greenhouse Gas (GHG)
  • Stands up to gas mixtures with Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)


  • Biogas & Digester Gas
  • Methane
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Greenhouse Gas (GHG)
  • Natural Gas
  • Mixtures of Gas
  • Other Gases

BIOGAS FT2+ Gas Mass Flow Meter BENEFITS:


  • Very Low Maintenance
  • Easy to Install
  • Meters built to virtually any pipe diameter
  • No Annual calibration needed
  • Indicator of digester gas production changes


  • Gas flow +/- 1% of reading
  • Gas flow +/- 0.2% of full scale*
  • Flow Repeatability +/- 0.2% of full scale
  • Flow Response Time 0.9 seconds
  • Temperature +/- 1.8 degrees over -40 to 300 Deg F


Biogas FT2+ Datasheet

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Biogas Meter Greenhouse Gas Meter - Biogas FT2+ Gas Meter



Quote Request - Customer Application Data Sheet

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  • Totalizer is non-resettable
  • Elapsed time tracks hours without power
  • Accuracy in dynamic pressure, flow, temperature conditions
  • Helps compliance with new Boiler and IC Engines regulations

Dresser Roots Meter Series B3
Replacement for Models:

  • Roots Series B3 8C175 11C175 15C175 2M175 3M175 5M175
  • Roots Series B3 7M175 11M175 16M175
  • Roots Series B3 23M175 23M232 38M175 56M175

Why use the BIOGAS FT2+ Gas Meter?

  • No Pressure or Temperature Compensation Requirements or Extra Costs.
  • Inline Model with Flanges ready to "Drop In" to exisiting Piping, No Rework
  • No Moving Parts (Solid State), Very Very Low Maintenance
  • Extremely Accurate & Calibrated for your Gas or Gas Mixture
  • Many Standard Features Included not Expensive Options
  • Lower Lifetime Cost of Ownership - Saves you Money

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*Restrictions, limitations and eligibility requirements apply.  Offer may be withdrawn at any time.  Call for details and other terms and conditions.